A single-click equation solver? Nonsense! You'd need MathCAD for that, and that costs a fortune! Or do you really?

Solve Mathematical Equations Automatically

Solve mathematical equations with just one mouse click! Forget about mathematical problems once and forever! Spend quality time on a TV program or your favorite computer game instead of spending it on a math home assignment (just kidding!). Let Equation Wizard solve your math problems on a computer, and see the solution written in a proper mathematical notation with comments in plain English.

Equation Wizard by ElasticLogic solves what your calculator cannot help you with. Solve algebraic equations written in any form completely automatically! Equation Wizard solves algebraic problems by finding both real and imaginary roots for your equation. It can solve every equation you throw at it. Linear, square, cubic or nth power, expressions, square roots, cube roots, and even nth roots and factorials are easily solved with Equation Wizard. Stop wasting your brain resources on routine operations. Computers are kings of number crunching – let them show their best!

Proving yourself again and again that you’re good at math? Sure you can solve a math problem, but is it worth your time? Stop using your brain to solve no-brainer equations! Give yourself a break and let your computer do what you paid it for (or, rather, what you paid for it!). Just type what you see in your textbook, and if it happens to be an equation, it will be solved!

Got an interesting assignment that's a real challenge to your abilities? Let Equation Wizard teach you a lesson on how to solve that kind of problems with a little demonstration. It'll show you how to solve the problem step by step. Equation Wizard comments every step and every action it performs to simplify and solve the equation in plain English. "Raising to power", "Collecting terms", "Reducing to the common denominator" are typical comments to expect while Equation Wizard works on your problem.

Solve linear, square and cube equations, high order and nth degree, simplify and calculate expressions with Equation Wizard. Equation Wizard works its way exactly as an experienced mathematician (and your teacher). It reduces the equation to a canonical form, determines its order and finds its roots. The result looks so clear and natural you’d never tell it's a work by a computer!

What are you waiting for? Download Equation Wizard now! As you'd guess, it's right here:

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October 19, 2010

Equation Wizard updated to version 1.21

[Windows 7 support]

April 14, 2007

Equation Wizard updated to version 1.2

[see changes]

March 20, 2007

Equation Wizard updated to version 1.1

December 29, 2006

Equation Wizard 1.0 released

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